Only Paradise / Grids & Dots / Brendon Moon

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Knox Street Bar, 1 Shepherd St, Chippendale

Join us for a cozy evening at Knox Street Bar, where Only Paradise and Grids & Dots will be rocking out their blissful melodies and psychedelic tunes to the beat of your shaking booties. Prepare to get loose, shed some tears and sway your bums. If you're lucky - you might even hear some psychedelic pooch songs, inspired and co-written by a pooch.

Only Paradise

Drawing inspiration from artists such as FOALS, Explosions in the Sky, Holy Holy, and The XX, the band focuses on creating a blissful live sound.

Blending delicate electric guitars, rhythm delays, tight drums and smooth reverberated vocals the essentially live act is focused on the pursuit of creating heartfelt indie music.

Containing ex members of Letters to Lions, Castles AU and Creatures of Leisure, the members have experience with a diverse range of music. Facebook: Instagram:

Grids & Dots

Grids & Dots are a noisy and melodic indie rock band from the outskirts of inner-city Sydney. Finding inspiration from eccentric rockers like Yo La Tengo, Blonde Redhead, Slowdive and Sonic Youth, and constantly bonding over a love of Berlin, tv shows and psychedelic pop, Grids & Dots have just jumped into the recording studio to conceive their first singles for release. There will be more to come!

Grids & Dots consists of: Miles Selwyn, Izzy Stewart, Carmen Minikus, and Daniel Han

Facebook: Instagram:

Brendon Moon

Originally hailing from the picturesque Whitsundays, singer-songwriter Brendon Moon relocated to Sydney in 2012 in order to pursue his burgeoning musical career. His determination towards aural uniqueness has led him to develop a sound that is both delicate and powerfully alluring.

Free entry! 18+